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FA Cup: Salop vs Liverpool

Liverpool will make a trip to the New Meadow Stadium - the home of Shrewbury club in the FA Cup fourth round match.  Unsurprisingly, the teachers and coaches of Jurgen Klopp are much more appreciated than the opponent and they are expected to easily win a victory to go deep in the oldest tournament in England.

Shrewsbury is a small club playing in the English Premier League.  In terms of team quality and experience, they cannot be compared with the current European champion Liverpool.  In addition, the recent performance of the New Meadow home team is showing instability when only 1 victory in the last 7 matches in all competitions.  Therefore, despite being played at home, but it is likely that Shrewsbury will have to beat Liverpool in the upcoming match.

Across the front line, Liverpool are flying high this season as they hold the top of the Premier League table with 16 points more than the 2nd place team while there is 1 game yet to play.  In addition to the solidarity, the match between each link on the field, coach Jurgen Klopp also owns stars that can explode at any time to bring beneficial results to the team.  Faced with Shrewsbury, the German tactician will most likely only use the 2nd squad to be able to keep the pillars.  However, with their level, Liverpool will still win easily.

Although they have never faced the past, but with the obvious difference in qualifications at the present time, Liverpool are more appreciated by Shrewsbury fans and almost certainly they will win.  in the upcoming match.