The difference in both class and style in the Southampton - Huddersfield match is very clear.  The home side are in good shape in the English Premier League, while the away team is only playing in the First Division in England.

Specifically, Southampton experienced an impressive period of December when they won 5/8 matches.  In particular, The Saints won 3/5 home games including a 1-0 victory over Tottenham on New Year's Day.  In contrast, Huddersfield lost 2-5 at home in the first day of 2020.

Of course, there are still certain opportunities for the away team.  In the previous two seasons playing together in the Premier League, Southampton only won 1 of 4 matches against Huddersfield.  However, all 3 home games, The Saints drew 1-1 when this opponent.

However, Huddersfield entered this trip with too much anxiety, as they lost 6 of their 12 away matches, even in the First Division.  Having to clash with a team in the English Premier League is clearly undesirable, and could cause Huddersfield's FA Cup journey to break from here.