Despite being much appreciated, however, Tottenham could not get the ticket to go on when marching to the mecca of Middlesbrough.  Even in the match that took place last week, if unlucky, the Rooster can receive a defeat and say goodbye to this playground.  Therefore, at the rematch at home here will be an opportunity for teachers and coach Jose Mourinho to assert his strength.

After an impressive debut, Mourinho started to face many problems at Tottenham at this time.  Because currently Rooster is showing signs of leveling off when there have only been 2 victories in the last 5 matches.  Tottenham is still not in the top 4 strongest teams in the Premier League, the gap is now 6 points.  Specifically, they are ranked 6th in the rankings with 30 points obtained after 21 rounds, the same point as the team behind Wolves but ranked above thanks to goal difference.  In the previous match against Middlesbrough on Riverside, Ga Trong even gave the opponent a lead in the 50th minute and had to use Lucas Moura's goal in the 61st minute to get a draw.  In their last appearance, they fell right at home to Liverpool, in the absence of Harry Kane, the Rooster strikers proved too ungainly in front of the opponent's goal.  Anyway, Middlesbrough is still a subordinate team and this is clearly the opportunity for Mourinho's teachers and teachers to find joy.

On this side of the field, Middlesbrough is the team that is only ranked 16th on the English Premier League rankings.  Over 26 rounds, Middlesbrough has 8 wins, 9 draws and 9 losses.  Worth mentioning 4 of the 8 wins that Middlesbrough players have won in the previous 4 rounds, this shows that this team's current performance is very good.  However, the correlation of the forces of the two teams is still very different at the moment, proving that Middlesbrough did not win but lost three-quarters to Tottenham's recent meeting.  Plus having to march away from home, it was obviously too difficult for Middlesbrough to have a ticket to continue after this trip.