In the match took place a week ago, before a competitor from the League One playground, the team was nicknamed "wasps" with the home field advantage played well and led to 3-0.  But the carelessness of the defense made Watford pay fake.  In less than 20 minutes, they conceded 3 times and the result of a 3-3 draw forced both teams to replay on the field of Tranmere Rovers.  In the context of struggling with relegation battle, this is not the point that Watford wants.

As Watford's visitors, he was soon led down 3 goals right after the first half, but Tranmere did something incredible when he scored 3 goals in a row.  With a 3-3 draw, the two teams had to rematch to determine the ticket to go on and of course the spirit is what Tranmere is much bigger than the opponent.  But in League One, host Tranmere is performing in an unconvincing form.  This team is currently ranked 21st in the rankings with 21 points earned after 23 rounds.  More significantly, in the last 8 consecutive rounds, Tranmere players have only got 1 victory, 3 draws and 4 losses.  The home field does not seem to bring much luck to Tranmere players as they only have 1 victory in the last 3 matches on the home of Prenton Park.

Watford has not been able to get out of the red light group, although the team's performance has improved markedly in recent rounds.  Since the 2-0 victory over Man Utd, Watford players seem to have removed the psychological bottlenecks on this team since the beginning of the season.  This helped them compete more confidently and got a series of 4 unbeaten matches, including 3 wins and 1 draw.  Although only one step up to 19th place with 19 points after 21 rounds, these positive signs will add momentum to Watford in his next relegation battle.  On the trip here, the lesson of the match a few days ago was certainly memorized by Watford and promised the representative from the Premier League would conquer the ticket to go forward properly.