The fight to win tickets to the top 6 of Wolves is in trouble.  In their last 2 rounds in the Premier League, the Wolves lost and now, they have fallen to 8th place in the rankings.  In fact, this is a predictable scenario because Wolves forces this season are not really abundant while English football is going through a period of extreme density.

After a 1-2 defeat at Watford a few days ago, Wolves are suffering from a lot of criticism and early morning, difficulties continue to come to teachers and coach Nuno Santo, they face Man United in the third round of the FA Cup.  .  However, for those who have a more multi-dimensional and objective view, this is an opportunity for Wolves to win after two consecutive losses, and win tickets to the fourth round.

The above statement is completely grounded.  Firstly, Man United is more appreciated, but stability is something that the Red Guard has never had in this season.  Defeats to the bottom of Watford or the latest at Arsenal show that the Manchester team is often stuck in front of the teams who play tight and are not afraid to collide, which Wolves owns.

The second reason, confidence is what Wolves always has in meetings with Man United, especially when they are playing at home.  The proof is that the last 3 matches welcomed the Reds at Molineux on all fronts, Wolves did not lose and won 2 victories.  In particular, there was a 2-1 victory in the FA Cup quarter finals last season.  Wolves then won tickets to the semi-finals and only lost to defending champion Man City.

Scoring away from home is a Man United problem.  On Watford, before a team that has never won at home and has the worst defense in the Premier League, the Devil's strikers are completely deadlocked, the latest, they are helpless in finding their way to the Arsenal goal and receiving  Final defeat 0-2.  As for Wolves, their strikers only scored 1 goal in the last 2 matches.  With the above statistics, it is difficult to hope that the game will have many goals scored.