Real Madrid often have good memories when confronting Atletico Madrid at the cup playing field. White vultures will also have many advantages compared to rivals Madrid when they enter the Spanish Super Cup final tonight.

Real and Atletico are creating a balanced derby in general. In the last 10 civil wars in Madrid in all competitions, up to 6 games ended inconclusive in 90 minutes, the rest each team won 2 victories. However, when the Madrid derby takes place in the cup playing field, Real often has more sweet flavor.

Interestingly, this was the fourth final between Real and Atletico that took place outside of Spain within just over 5 years. Unlike this time, because the Spanish Football Federation actively moved this playground to Saudi Arabia, 3 times previously due to objective factors, when they clashed at each other on the continental playground.

Many people will immediately remember that Real had two great memories in these three special Madrid derby, when they all won the Champions League after that, respectively in the seasons 2013/14 and 2015/16. It was also an emotional victory when the White Vulture defeated Atletico in extra time and after a penalty shootout of 11m.

The Madrid derby outside the remaining Spanish territory was also unbeaten in the official 90 minutes (2-2), taking place at the European Super Cup in Tallin, Estonia earlier last season. In fact, Real lost 2-4 in this match after 2 extra innings, but anyway this is not too bitter memory, because the European Super Cup is only a real title, not compared to 2 titles. The Champions League they won from Atletico before.