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Gills vs Salop

History Gillingham often encountered difficulties when encountering Shrewsbury, but the meeting here will be an opportunity for the Priestfield home team to find for themselves a really positive result. Because this is when the Shrewsbury visitors are no longer themselves, Gillingham is still showing remarkable stubbornness.

Marching to the holy place of Rochdale with a lot of doubt and even conceding very early, but Gillingham still got 1 point out when holding the opponent with a score of 2-2. Even if their defense was more solid, Gillingham would have left the field with all three points in hand. The result helped Gillingham gain 36 points through 27 rounds and place 14 in the rankings. With a gap of up to 8 points compared to the promoted Play-Off group, it is clear that the opportunity for the Priestfield team to dream is not much. Therefore, their mission from here to the end of the season is to obtain the highest possible position. In fact, Gillingham is in the group that lost at least the tournament, but the draw to 12 matches is the reason why they cannot go far. In terms of form, Gillingham are unbeaten in all 5 rounds recently, but they have only won 1 and drawn 4 of them.

Shrewsbury has just made a real shock in the fourth round of the FA Cup, when he drew the Liverpool giant with a score of 2 -2. It should be noted that Shrewsbury was 2-0 down but they managed to equalize. Back in League One, the away team's performance was not too good when ranked 16th in the rankings, but there are 2 matches yet. Specifically, through 25 Shrewsbury matches, there are 8 wins, 10 draws and 7 losses of 34 points, if played well in two matches, Shrewsbury's position will definitely improve. But dreaming too far is not realistic for Shrewsbury, because the last 5 rounds they did not win when they drew 3 and lost 2.