Iraqi lawmakers have adopted a resolution urging foreign troops to leave the country after the US killed top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani in a drone attack on Baghdad airport.

According to the BBC, the Parliament in Baghdad also called for foreign forces to be banned from using Iraqi land, airspace or water - for some reason.

But according to the BBC, the decision could affect as many as 5,000 US military personnel in Iraq, mostly as advisers.

It is estimated that by American action, Iraq has found itself in a difficult position as an ally of neighboring Iran and the US.

But the government sees the killing as a violation of its sovereignty, and of the terms of the coalition's presence in Iraq.

Meanwhile, it is said that thousands of Iraqis took part in a funeral procession for Soleiman before his body was sent to Iran.

A variety of Shi'ite militant groups in Iraq have been backed by Iran, and there are concerns that some parts of Iraq's population sympathetic to Iran are affected by the killing and that militant groups may seek revenge.

It is reported that the Iraqi Parliament convened as hundreds of thousands of people marched to Iran to await Soleimani's body.

The non-binding resolution was adopted by the Iraqi parliament on Sunday after acting Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi called for an end to foreign military presence in a speech to lawmakers.