The 19th round of the epic match ending the first leg and opening the new year 2020 will be very attractive with the bloody Madrid derby between the owner of the dark horse Getafe, which is still flourishing with the slowing Real Madrid. Let's see Getafe continue to surprise as the return last season to forget the defeat against Villarreal recently. Or Los Blancos will cut the circuit three times in a row to maintain the pursuit of Barcelona's top.

After three consecutive rounds of victory, Getafe's sublimation circuit was blocked with a 0-1 defeat on the field of a direct competitor for tickets to the European Cup Villarreal, they conceded the only goal at the beginning of the second half. , then still missing players from the 61st minute with a second yellow card by Mathias Oliveira so they had to leave empty handed. It was their 4th defeat this season and also broke 5 matches in a row in every arena not conceding, do not forget that they have the third defensive line when they have conceded only 17 times. The gap with the top 4 in the Champions League is only 2 meager points, Getafe can completely speed up the next time, they are the key spearhead Angel Diaz extremely scared has opened fire up to 8 times. This match they have Mathias Oliveira missing because of a suspension in the recent defeat to Villarreal, the home team is also helping them with confidence that the last 5 matches have been unbeaten,

Real Madrid are shooting themselves into the championship race with rivals Barcelona, ​​after the draw in the Super Classic match they took the initiative, Los Blancos drew 2 matches afterwards against Athletic Bilbao with Valencia - these were all bloody bored people are dominating the top 8. It was the 7th draw from the beginning of the season of the White Vulture, they are 2 points behind Barca's head. In attack, Karim Benzema is leading good juniors like Vinicius or Rodrygo, the French striker has up to 12 goals and 5 assists to rank second of the top scorer list of the tournament. Real's brawl is having problems when superstars like rookie Eden Hazard with Isco or Gareth Bale are all in shape, old Marcelo or good offensive support has also gone down and suffered minor injuries.