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League One: BWFC vs Pompey

Before the season began, Bolton had to receive lightning news when the English Football Association decided to deduct up to 12 points after financial violations. With that penalty, the fans predicted that Bolton would face many difficulties and actually proved it. Because at the moment they almost only fought for honor, when the relegation ticket was almost firmly in hand.

Bolton has just received a heavy defeat 1-5 when marching to Lincoln's sanctuary, although it is not too strong opponent, but having to take the bitter fruit is the image too familiar to the home team this season. It was also the third defeat in a row and was the 5th round they could not win recently. Calculated from the beginning of the season, they only won 4 draws 7 and received 12 defeats, plus the deduction of 12 points, Bolton had 7 points and stood in the rankings. The distance to the safe area has now reached 17 points and it is only in the dream that people think of Bolton's success relegation scenario. Confrontation history also witnessed, Bolton won only 1 and lost to 3 in 5 times facing Portsmouth, so despite home advantage, it is difficult for Bolton to win points in the next match.

Once a familiar team in the Premier League, Portsmouth is struggling in League One at the moment and is trying hard to improve this season. In the last match, they brought down AFC Wimbledon on their home, which is a relatively hard match when Portsmouth only get a goal to set the score in the last minutes. Overall this is the time that Portsmouth is very determined and also achieved really impressive results. Specifically, in the last 5 rounds, they triumphed to 3 and only lost 1. At this time, in the rankings, Portsmouth rose to No. 8 with 38 points and only inferior to the Play-Off group. point. In this round, facing only a motivated Bolton will be a good opportunity for Portsmouth to continue the journey to conquer the promotion ticket.