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Rangers vs Ross

Rangers vs Ross County is a round of 17 match. Before welcoming Ross County at dawn tomorrow, Rangers are 2nd in the table, 5 points less than Celtic (53 versus 58). That means, if the track is triumphant, Steven Gerrard's teachers and students will narrow the gap with Celtic to 2 points, further opening hope to overcome the great rival in the championship race.

On the exchange, the dealer lists a 0: 2 1/2 margin, meaning that the Rangers rate outperforms Ross County. This is understandable because if Rangers is one of the two forces in the Scottish Premiership, Ross County is just a weak average team, which is shown by being ranked 4th from the bottom.

Despite kicking 22 times, but the collective is led by the duo coach Steven Ferguson - Stuart Kettlewell new 5 triumph song, the remaining draw 7, lost 10. It is worth mentioning, over a month ago, Ross County's decline did not brake, as reflected by the mere 2/15 points of the past 5 rounds. Alternately, they were kicked out of the FA Cup by the anonymous team Ayr United (lost 0-1).

For now, history is also against the guests from Dingwall. Last 4 times against Rangers, Ross County has lost, no match has been netted under 2 times. With such correlation, it is not surprising that Rangers poured a rain of goals into the opponent's net. Remember, Gerrard teachers and students are having a 7-match winning streak at home in the league.