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SPFL: Kilmarnock vs Bhoys

Celtic is the great force of the Scottish league in general and Europe in particular, their level has been clearly demonstrated in the last few seasons.  Currently, after 20 rounds, this team has 52 points and takes the lead in the rankings, 2 points behind the Rangers.  To ensure the highest position, Celtic was definitely determined to defeat Kilmarnock. 

The host's performance is very bad in recent times when the last 6 matches they have only won 1 win and lost 5 games in a row.  More broadly, in their last 10 matches, there were 5 matches they failed with 1 of them being 2 or more goals difference.  Most notably, these 5 defeats, Kilmarnock did not have a goal for themselves.

Meanwhile, Celtic has been holding a positive record so far this season.  In the last 10 matches, the defending champion Scotland has got 8 victories and only 2 defeats.  If the away record alone, then Celtic also won 6/10 trips away from home recently.

Notably, in the past 10 confrontations, Kilmarnock only gave himself only 2 victories against Celtic, the rest were lost.  This shows that their inability is clear.  Therefore, it is difficult for the home team to avoid a heavy defeat tonight.