The US Secretary of Defense says there is no decision to leave Iraq

The United States has not made any decision to withdraw troops from Iraq, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Monday in response to a letter from a senior military officer who appeared to point to a withdrawal of US forces.

According to The Washington Post, The Telegraph quoted him as saying he knew nothing about a letter that appeared to suggest a troop preparation to move out of Iraq.

But he said there had been some repositioning of US forces.

"There is no decision to leave Iraq," he said, adding that "there is no decision to leave, nor have we issued any plans to leave or prepare to leave."

According to him, the US remains committed to campaigning to defeat ISIS in Iraq and the region.

A letter sent to the Iraqi government Monday by a commander in Iraq said the troops would be "repositioned over the coming days and weeks to prepare for moving forward".

The letter also said there would be an increase in helicopter travel around the Green Zone and said: "We respect your sovereignty decision to order our departure."

Otherwise, the Iraqi Parliament has issued a resolution calling for the removal of US troops in Iraq.