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Tranmere vs SAFC

Tranmere is ranked 21st on the UK league rankings with 22 points.  On the positive side, they do not have to worry that their competitors can rise up because of the gap.  However, this team needs to worry the most about relegation.  Dropped by 6 points from the top team, Tranmere needs to make more efforts to stay in the third league of the foggy country.

On the other side of the battle line, the team currently ranked 6th in the table, Sunderland needs to preserve this position in order to maintain a place in the promotion play-off.  In addition, Sunderland needs to keep its distance from Oxford United.  Black Cats are still playing less than their opponents 1 game so their ability to rise higher is entirely possible.

The performance of the two teams is relatively opposite.  While the home team has only got 1/10 of their last win, Sunderland has a series of 8 unbeaten matches.  In addition, their away record is also quite good with the last 3 consecutive games without losing.  In contrast to Tranmere who lost 4/5 matches played in the last home field.

The first and only meeting of the two teams so far is the meeting on the pitch of Sunderland in the first leg.  But at that time, the surprise of rookie Tranmere made them most fail up to 5 - 0. Obviously, this outcome was something both they and their fans did not want to repeat.  However, winning points against old Sunderland and experience is very unlikely.