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UFC 246: McGregor vs Cerrone | Primary Card Preview

McGregor (21-4 in MMA, 9-2 in UFC) has not been in a fight for a long time. Since winning the lightweight belt in November 2016, the Irishman has only had one match when he challenged champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. After the scratch that the Russian applied to him, they were another 15 months away, taking care of his brand of whiskey or even enjoying the life of a millionaire without having to be punched in the face. However, the UFC needs its biggest golden goose, so behold, the biggest star in the sport's history is back, despite the numerous controversies it has been teasing out of the octagon.

Before anyone comes to complain, it's obviously the greatest star power of all time, not the greatest talent MMA has ever seen. But it's always good to remember that talent is also left in McGregor. The little-varying karate of his game became better and better, closing some notorious holes - especially the fall defense - and exploring new nuances. The left-wing thrown into the fake karate base remains the former champ 's main weapon , but today he has decent offensive wrestling and a good ability to clinch against the grid. In the midst of this, the kicks remain of great value, especially against Saturday's opponent.

Throughout the period in which McGregor fought only once, Cerrone (36-13 in MMA) climbed 11 times to the most famous octagon in the world - this Saturday he will once again be the isolated record holder of UFC fights at 33. At the same time, he realized that he was too small for the middle to mid-size and that he no longer has the strength to face the main forces of lightweight. This return to the 77-pound limit against an opponent of his physical size is a financial recognition for Cowboy's service to the UFC.

Cerrone has always had a larger offensive toolbox than McGregor's, although he hasn't achieved mastery in any area like Conor has striking. Like the European, Donald has also been closing important holes - the inability to view pressers as the most relevant of them. Today, the Cowboy can handle pressure from normal humans, which is not the case with Justin Gaethje and Tony Ferguson. The American began to use his head to maintain distance, using his elongated frame to avoid approaching the competition. He continues to have a good offensive wrestling, a diversified solo game, a decent takedown defense and, although he has already turned the corner downwards, still has the physical ability to face a non-virtuoso like McGregor.

The odds would be if we were talking pairs submission of a duel - actually Cerrone would be the favorite with some left over. However, here is the mix of all martial arts and modalities of inflicting physical harm on others. When we add it all up, the assessment changes.

Both usually start slower, but Cerrone must be the one to set the pace if he wants to succeed. McGregor has two ways to win. The first involves encircling Cerrone, framing it between your two feet, and letting your left fist fly straight. The other is to explore the American's vulnerable waistline with some of his various body kicks. How to get to these positions? Conor can either print volume using its range advantage, making Cerrone again vulnerable to this kind of pressure, or use the strategy of enclosing and blasting.

For Cowboy, it is best to work within McGregor's range, lessening the impact of his blows while trying to tire his rival's arms at the clinch . And since we are not in a submission competition, Cerrone will find it difficult to reach the ground above.

Putting everything to hit the blender, comes out a knockout in less than ten minutes to Conor McGregor.