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CL: At B.C vs VCF

At home, Atalanta will continue to write his history when welcoming the representative of Spain, Valencia, who is quite unstable in the first round of the round of 16. Whether the momentum is excited, Atalanta has extended the winning game to the 3rd match in a row. Or Bats with more European experience will have the advantage before the return leg at the Mestalla home as well as cut a series of 3 matches without winning.

Coach Gasperini and his teachers continue to consolidate their top 4 Serie A position in the context of direct competitor Roma is not brake, they won 3 times in 4 recent unbeaten rounds, far away from the representative city. Rome to 6 points. The latest is a 2-1 victory at home to the opponent, the offensive line continues to be the most feared with 63 goals, so remember last season they were also the strongest fire with 77 goals, this season has 14 round again. At the Azzurri d'Italia, they are very confident with 4 victories in the last 6 matches, the old Josip Ilicic is their most dangerous spear vi71i 15 goals, including 9 shots in 7 In recent rounds, the main striker Duvan Zapata also has up to 5 times imprinted on the goal in the last 4 rounds in Serie A despite coming back after a long-term injury.

After being deposed as King of the King Cup by rookie owner Granada, who was extremely bitter with a 1-2 defeat, Valencia continued to hold his hatred in La Liga for not winning both recent rounds with a shattered defeat 0 -3 on Getafe's field, they also let Madrid representative Atletico Madrid leave the home ground with a dramatic 2-2 draw. The bat was repeatedly led, but midfielder Gabriel Paulista and midfielder intercepted Kondogbia scored for them on the day the line was too poor. The eighth draw in La Liga this season of the Bats and they are being left behind by the top 4 with 2 points difference. They are playing very well in the away field when the group stage knocked out both former Chelsea kings and Ajax but have lost all their last 5 matches against Italian teams. This match they are without goalkeeper Cillessen with Garay and Piccini in defense.