CL: NAP vs Blaugrana

Napoli did not perform well in the season, and could not compete for the championship in Serie A. Therefore, the CL arena is Gennaro Gattuso's next key goal. The 1/8 round of the Champions League will witness the battle between the hosts Napoli and Spain representative Barcelona.

After 24 rounds, Napoli is currently stopping at number 9 in the Serie A rankings with 33 points. The gap of Juventus to 24 points is an unbelievable number to overcome, so the chance to win the top position seems to be no longer available. Therefore, playing hard to get into the CL Cup next year is probably their current goal. After that, Napoli also performed quite well in the European arena. They are 1 point behind Liverpool in Group E and have 6 unbeaten matches. Not to mention playing at home also has proved that Napoli has an advantage when it comes to defeating defending champion Liverpool. 

Barcelona had extremely valuable signings early in the season. However, whether the team is relying on Messi too when Real Madrid surpasses in the La Liga arena. 

However, Barcelona entered the round of 16 with the top position of Group F, so the situation is not bad. They played unbeaten in all 6 matches and scored 14 points. Before that, they also had 2 wins and 1 draw when marching to the guest arenas. The goal of new coach Quique Setien is definitely determined to crown the throne in the European arena. This is probably not easy because the current team does not have a good coordination between Messi and other warriors.

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