At the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League, Juventus made a trip to Lyon's yard.  With outstanding personnel, the Italian representative is more appreciated than the host before the competition.

Lyon's form is not good, when in the last 6 matches they only won 2 wins in all competitions.  The representative of France had a perfect run, winning 2-0 right on the pitch of Metz.  The attack is still not able to fire continuously, and the defense still receives goals in the above matches.  Olympique Lyonnais also does not bring great confidence, because Lyon has lost points in 2/3 of its recent visitors.

In the opposite direction, Juventus is still leading Serie A with the extremely high level of Ronaldo.  Moreover, in the last 20 matches, Juventus lost only 4 matches and won themselves 14 wins.  In addition, in five clashes from 2010 to the present, the old lady of Turin has not lost to the opponent.  At the time of visiting in 2016, Juventus left Lyon's court with the minimum victory, most likely winning continues for the representative of Italy, but the results will be higher.

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