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EFC: LTFC vs Cardiff

Immediately after the victory against Derby County, Luton Town had to lose to West Bromwich with 2 goals not to be removed, this is the 5th loss in their last 6 matches. 

After 30 rounds, Luton Town won only 24 points and was diving at the bottom of the rankings, 7 points behind the safety group. If you keep playing like this, the possibility of Graeme Jones's teachers and teachers returning to play in League One is very high.

On this side of the pitch, Cardiff owns a 6-match unbeaten match but the number of victories this team has earned is only 2 matches, along with 4 draw results. Currently, Cardiff is ranked 12th on the table with 43 points obtained after 30 rounds and they can completely make it into the top 10 if they maintain a stable performance. Marching into Luton Town's yard is a better opportunity for Cardiff to get 3 points.

Luton Town's performance over the past time is extremely poor. In the last 10 rounds, they only got 1 victory and got 8 losses. Luton Town's gameplay is quite open but the level is somewhat limited, which leads to the situation of often having to hate even when the game is not so bad, especially when they play poorly even when playing at home. .

Cardiff City, meanwhile, are not bad at losing only 1/6 of the last match. However, in which the Welsh team only got 2 victories. Cardiff City played well on the ground when unbeaten 5/6 trips away from home recently. With this situation, it is likely that Cardiff will win against rookie Luton who is standing at the bottom of the rankings despite having to play on the opposing field.