Barnsley has just caused a strong earthquake when defeating Fulham beautifully on the opponent with bold results 3-0. That victory not only meant 3 points, but also helped this team to relive hope of relegation has almost turned off during the past. Although the distance to the safety group is still quite far, but not excluding this push will be a fulcrum for Barnsley revival.

Cauley Woodrow's double and the remaining goal by Jacob Brown's goal helped Barnsley make a surprise by beating Fullham to 3 goals in the last weekend's round. More meaningful when that victory ended a series of 6 matches known only to draw and lose of Barnsley. Specifically, the Oakwell team is the brightest name for the relegation ticket when standing in the table with 28 points through 33 rounds and 6 points behind the safety area. Counting the last 10 appearances, Barnsley won 3 and lost 6 matches. The reason for the above results is the weakness of the defense, with them having conceded 58 times from the start of the season and the second worst performance in the tournament. The next round continues to be a challenge for Barnsley, because they have not won Middlesbrough in the last 5 confrontations. However, in the context that their competitors are also in decline.

Welcoming the team who is in the red light group Luton at home, Middlesbrough fans expect the beloved team to end a series of poor matches for a long time. However, this team continued to disappoint when entering the tunnel with a minimum defeat of 0-1. Thus, the last 9 appearances in all competitions, Middlesbrough did not win, in which they drew 5 and lost to 4. That bad result caused them to drop one place to position 18 on the same table. 37 points and 6 points from the red light group. With this situation it is difficult to rely on the ability of Middlesbrough's triumphal song on the next march, even though they won 4/5 of the nearest Barnsley encounter.