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EFL: Barnsley vs SWFC

On the Oakwell Ground, Barnsley who is miserably diving in the bottom group will welcome Sheffield Wednesday very difficult and also precarious in the top group in the match in the round of 23. Will Barnsley find the winning circuit after 3 rounds in a row all losing thus shortening the gap with the safety group. Or Wednesday made the opponent hate the same way in the first round and approached the top 6 play-off promotion in the Premier League next season after 3 rounds without winning.

When playing at home, Barnsley did not lose to Sheffield Wednesday in the last 4 confrontations, but if they counted in the last 10 matches they did not win against the opponent and 5 defeats. Barnsley's form is also very bad with the last 3 rounds in a row, losing in the middle, which is a 2-4 defeat on the field of Portsmouth in the lower division in the fourth round of the FA Cup. The 16th defeat this season has made them more and more secure by the safe zone, extending the gap up to 7 points. Cauley Woodrow alone carrying the attack is not enough when he has scored 10 goals for Barnsley this season.

Veteran striker Steven Fletcher has scored 12 goals for Sheffield Wednesday this season and is the team's top scorer, 4 goals from the penalty spot. If you see how big dependence on Wednesday's brother is, Jacob Murphy is only four times behind him, Sheffield Wednesday's team has 40 goals and is also the top bombardment of the tournament. The goalkeeper also gave them a headache with 33 goals. TCCN last January they had just picked up a quality rookie midfielder Massimo Luongo from Queens Park Rangers, he was the best player in the 2015 Asian Cup finals when he took home the Australian country crowned home. This will complement the ambition to compete for Wednesday's promotion ticket, at least through the play-off line when the gap with the top 6 is only 7 points. The reason is that they are in recent form of decline with 4 defeats in the last 6 rounds, the previous round was a boring 0-0 draw with Millwall City at home. It has been the 7th time this season they have to split points, they are not worried about being away from home by winning 3 times in the last 4 away games.