There was a relatively impressive performance in the first leg and was even rated as one of the candidates who could dispute the promotion ticket. However, the more the game played, the more Sheffield Wednesday and almost no hope of a position in the group of 6 leading teams. The recent form of the visitors is also very bad and they may have to get another sad result in their trip to the holy land of Birmingham this time.

Birmingham did not play very well in the early stages of the season and there were even times when they had to compete fiercely with the red light group. However, this is the time when the home team St. Andrew's somewhat regained his form. The proof is the last 10 appearances in all competitions, they are unbeaten when they draw 4 and win 6. If only in the First Class playground, Birmingham also won the last 5 rounds with the result of draw 2 and 3. However, due to the poor performance at the beginning of the season, after 33 rounds, they had only 12 wins, 8 draws and 13 losses, gaining 44 points ranked 14th in the ranking. With being 9 points behind the Play-Off team, it is difficult for Birmingham to dream further and their task is now to finish in the highest position possible.

Welcoming Reading at home, Sheffield Wednesday fans have put a lot of expectation on the home team for a good result to end the last match. But after more than 90 minutes of the ball rolling, teachers and coach Chris Wilder had to field with a failure of 3 goals. It can be said that Sheffield Wednesday is currently in a crisis. Has 5 consecutive games without winning for themselves with a draw 2 and lost to 3. Clearly the army of coach Chris Wilder is having quite a big problem in all of his uplines. On this chart, Sheffield Wednesday is ranked at 12 and two more than their rivals, but they also only have the same 44 points. With the performance and spirit as it is now, there are so many issues that Sheffield Wednesday has to worry about on this trip. Because of that,