After a period of decline and facing the risk of losing the second position, Leeds has regained the spirit with 2 consecutive recent victories to create an advantage in the promotion race. Meanwhile, Middlesbrough is plunging without brakes and even faces a fierce relegation battle. With the situation like now, despite the home advantage, Middlesbrough could not avoid the disastrous outcome as what happened in the first leg.

Having only been a guest in front of a struggling Barnsley in the red-light group, Middlesbrough was still disappointing when he left with nothing. At this time, the Riverside team is struggling for relegation race when currently this team only has 37 points after 8 wins, 13 draws and 13 losses, only 1 point more than relegation group. . The performance of this team is very poor when 8 consecutive rounds have passed without winning a single match with 4 draws and 4 losses, even empty hands in the last 2 consecutive matches. The next match will face Leeds, who are competing for a promotion and also have a stable performance recently. Therefore, the possibility of nothing on Middlesbrough's Riverside at home is very high. Remember, in their first turn they lost to 0-4, This time with home advantage of course that ratio is difficult to repeat. But the next failure was the script that had been foretold to Middlesbrough.

After a short time of worrying fans, Leeds returned strongly with two recent consecutive victories. The result partly helped fans forget the sad memories of last season, when Leeds also declined at the deciding stage and lost the unfortunate promotion ticket. Currently, Leeds is in second place with 62 points, only 4 points behind West Brom. That gap speaks for the visiting team's level superior. Moreover, the performance of the teachers and coaches Marcelo Bielsa is quite stable, after 34 rounds this team won 18 wins, draw 8 and lost 8 matches. Confrontation history is also tilted to the away team, when the last 5 games Leeds have won 2 wins, Middlesbrough also once did the same thing.

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