Brentford is taking extremely solid steps to get close to the leading group and fans of this team are extremely excited about the scenario of the home team going to the Premier League next season. With both stability and home advantage, the reception of Blackburn here is considered an opportunity for the Griffin Park team to continue to hope.

Must be a visitor on Birmingham's yard and even concede early, but with his bravery, Brentford still knows how to leave with a point in hand. Previously this team also drew Leeds, it is clear that Brentford is having the necessary diligence to dream of a place in the Premier League next year. Thus, after 33 rounds of Brentford, there are 55 points and 4th in the rankings. With only the 2nd position with a distance of 4 points, this team can completely think of the prospect of direct promotion if they play well in the future. In terms of Brentford's performance, they are still maintaining the necessary stability, namely the last 4 rounds they were unbeaten when they drew 2 and won 2. Especially the home field is somewhat lucky for Brentford, proving that they unbeaten 4/5 appearances on the home, including 3 wins.

If Brentford plays impressively recently, Blackburn is no less competitive. Most recently they beat Charlton 0-2 right away or the victim was Hull with a strong 3-0 victory. If counted in the last 5 rounds, Blackburn will be unbeaten up to 4 times and get 3 triumphs in it. Currently, they have 50 points, ranked 8th and 3 points from the Play-Off area. That means if they continue to play as well as they are now, the dream of promotion is still intact with Blackburn. This does not mean that Blackburn will have an easy trip here, because remember the last time they marched to the holy site of Brentford, Blackburn had to leave with a heavy defeat of 2-5.