Nottingham drew peace at home in the last round, although still standing at the top of the table and creating a relatively safe distance from the team. However, looking at the style of West Brom recently, fans of this team still have a lot of worries. In the next round, with the visitors to an annoying Bristol City, it is clear that Slaven Bilić teachers and students have many problems to solve.

Marching into the field of a very strong opponent, Leeds, despite anticipating difficulties, Bristol City could not resist the strength of the home team and was lucky to leave with only 1 goal lost. However, therefore, underestimating Bristol City in the next match is a somewhat hasty decision. Because of that, the Ashton Gate team lost 4 but also won 5 in the last 10 appearances. Especially, the home ground is a solid fulcrum of teachers and coach Lee Johnson when they won 3/4 of the last round. Not to mention, the latest reception for West Brom, Bristol City also played extremely well when winning with a dramatic score of 3-2. In the context that the opponent did not maintain the destruction style as early in the season, the door of Bristol City with the next match is very bright.

At this time, "sparrows" are sluggish on the top of the table with 63 points and 4 points more than the 2nd team is Leeds. After a period of stagnation, they have somehow regained their feeling and strength with 3 wins and 1 draw in the last 4 rounds, especially they played well even when they were away. home with 2 recent successes. However, it must be acknowledged the fact that West Brom has fallen quite a lot compared to themselves at the beginning of the season. The fact that Nottingham held peace on the home is the closest example. Not to mention their opponent this time is a very thirsty Bristol City to climb the Play-Off group promoted. Therefore, although it is appreciated by a lot of admirers, the expert said that it is difficult for West Brom to leave with 3 points on the trip here.