An uncompromising match between Coventry and Rotherham in the round of 26 - League One. That is because, both teams are currently at the top of the table with the same score and Coventry is only behind because of the inferior index. With the extremely important nature of this match, wait and see if Rotherham will continue to take down the opponent as in the first leg, or Coventry will trigger a sweet revenge to reach the top of the table.
Despite having to be a guest on Rochdale's court, Coventry was able to gently overcome this opponent with a final score of 2-1 in the last round. The result also marked a period of explosive play for the home team St. Andrew's. Because, remember, the last 5 rounds even they still keep the record of winning, if calculated further, Coventry has 11 series of unbeaten rounds, in which they draw 2 and win up to 9. On the current rankings. , Coventry is getting 60 points, equal to Rotherham but inferior to difference. In the hands of the home team, there are at least 2 more compensatory matches to rise up and obviously they need to take advantage of this. In particular, Coventry came to this match with an unbeaten record at home in the past 8 matches. Not to mention, Coventry is the team to lose at least the tournament with only 3 times being subdued by the opponent. With these impressive statistics, the home team St.

Rotherham just got a relatively hard win from Accrington's yard, which they had to use a goal in extra time to leave with the final score 2-1. Anyway, that result also somewhat gives certain confidence before the great war. In terms of form, Rotherham is also showing an impressive face with only losing 1, drawing 1 and winning up to 8 in the last 10 rounds. Away from home, Rotherham also played very well with 1 defeat and 4 times triumphal song at 5 times away from the nearest home. Rotherham now has played more games than Coventry, so they are not allowed to lose before this opponent if they do not want to throw away the advantages they have. However, Coventry is not a novice and do not be surprised if the visitors must receive the 9th defeat this season.

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