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EFL: Charlton vs The Tykes

The situation of both Charlton and Barnsley is very pessimistic at this time, while the visitors have not been able to escape the red light group, the poor performance of the host has also pulled them into the danger zone closer than ever. over. A failure will make the loser's situation worse, so wait and see in the end of the world, Charlton or Barnsley is the one who has what he needs.

Welcoming a much stronger opponent, Fulham at home, Charlton struggled to win a point after holding the champion candidate in the match without goal. That is an acceptable result for the Valley team, because those who follow this match will see how lucky Charlton is not to concede. As such, they have not won the last 5 matches including 3 losses and 2 draws. With that result, they are currently ranked 21st in the rankings with 30 points after 29 rounds. Looking at the difference is only 4 small points with the group holding the red light to see how worried the fans of this team are. Therefore, welcoming Barnsley visitors in the next round, if there is a victory, they will have a safer distance from the team holding the red light and also cut the opponent's main tail in the fight for relegation.

Barnsley has just lost to Portsmouth (2-4) in the FA Cup, before they also turn white when facing Preston (0-3) and Bristol City (0-1). As such, Barnsley is also in very bad shape, because they lost 3, drew 2 and won only 1 match in the last 6 matches. At this moment, the visitors are standing on the penultimate table with 24 points after 29 rounds. With a safe distance of 6 points, it is clear that the road ahead of Barnsley is very difficult. But this fact is not too surprising, because their strength was not appreciated before the start of the season. Having won only one-fifth of the march away from the nearest home, it's hard to expect a good result on Barnsley's trip here.