Fulham has just made a huge disappointment for fans when they failed at home to Barnsley. The result made them unable to participate in the group of two leading teams and were also the opponents behind creating tremendous pressure. In the next round, teachers and coach Scott Parker continue to face an unpleasant challenge called Derby County. With determination to return to the No. 1 playground of the foggy country after only one absent season, let's wait and see how Fulham will untie the knot.

Derby County has been one of the big disappointments in the First Division playing field this season, saying that because they are so highly regarded for the winning tickets. However, by this time it can be confirmed, the Pride Park team has to put aside that dream for at least one more season. At the moment Derby Country is temporarily in 13th place with 11 wins, 11 losses and 11 draws after 33 matches and has got 44 points on par with Sheffield Wed and Birmingham teams in the English Premier League rankings. With a gap of up to 9 points with the promoted Play-Off team, it is difficult for this team to dream of a beautiful scenario when the season is closed. In fact, Derby Country's home record is very good, because they have 10 wins, 6 draws, 4 defeats in the last 20 matches when playing at home.

With only a weak Barnsley dying at the bottom of the rankings, most fans and enthusiasts put their faith in a bold victory for Fulham. But a completely opposite scenario happened, when the teachers and coach Scott Parker received an unbelievable defeat with the score 0-3. It can be said that Fullham's matches last week were very sad when they had to accept sharing points with Millwall (1-1) and then defeat against Barnsley. Thus, with 56 points, Fulham is ranked 3rd in the rankings and 3 points behind the 2nd position. In this position, teachers and coach Scott Parker need to maintain a high level to win a Premier promotion ticket. League. Therefore, despite being a guest of Derby Country, their goal must still be 3 points. Of course there is a basis for Fullham to do that, because 2 times encounter this opponent they all triumph song,