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EFL: DRFC vs Bolton

Bolton Wanderers who are struggling in the bottom group will have a tough challenge when traveling to the guests of Doncaster Rovers is looking for prosperity in the match in the round of 31. See if Bolton makes the opponent embrace like 4 touches The previous forehead to wake up while the relegation battle was very tough. But Doncaster also wants to continue the excitement to unbeaten the third round in a row to close the group to win the Championship play-off ticket to the Championship next season.

Doncaster's performance is really not very good with only 2 wins in the last 6 rounds, so they are out of breath in the fight for the first place playoffs of the English Premier League next season with a gap of 3 points compared to with top 6. Immediately after the jubilant 3-0 victory over Transmere Rovers was also in the bottom group of the away team, Doncaster returned home but was disappointed recently when Rochdale left with a 1-1 draw, Remember Rochdale is standing close to the red light area so this is a very damaging point for Doncaster for their promotion ambition, they can only blame themselves when leading the table very early in the first minute by Jon Taylor. after clearing Kieran Sadlier's deck, but to equalize at the end of the match was extremely bitter, remember this was the match they took 12 times, twice Away team but only 4 times hit the few targets. Doncaster's 9th draw of this season. 

Away from home is a real obsession with Bolton, when they lost 6 times in 7 recent away games, they did not win, even 4 times they could not score and 3 matches only scored 1 goal, conceded 19 goals and Only Sunderland can hold the score 0-0 tedious. However, Bolton is overwhelming opponent in the record against 4 matches in the past, all winning, scoring 14 goals in the opponent's net and conceding only once. They are also flourishing recently when there are 4 points at home to host Bristol Rovers with Transmere Rovers.