On February 22, 2019, within the framework of League One, England's level 3 tournament. The match between Fleetwood vs Portsmouth will take place. Both teams are in high form, promising an interesting competition. At the present time, the chances of winning are still divided equally for both parties.

In the last 7 confrontations between 2 clubs: Fleetwood has 2 wins, while Portsmouth has 5 wins. Thereby can be assessed: the force between 2 clb is also relatively balanced. Although Portsmouth a bit better in terms of strength. 

Fleetwood just got a 2-1 victory over Peterborough in the previous round. So in the last 6 matches in League One, the home team is unbeaten with 4 consecutive victories. The club's form is on the rise. They are burning enthusiasm to welcome opponents at home. 

Fleetwood has played 30 games in League One, Fleetwood has 51 points and 8th in the rankings. With impressive performance like this time, the home team is assessed to have a 50% chance of winning. Because the opponent is not easy to play at all.

Portsmouth at the present time is also playing very impressive. Coach K. Jackett's team just defeated Shrewsbury 2-0 in the previous round. So the last 6 matches in League One, the away team lost 1 but had 5 victories. The club's performance is also very high. 

After 30 rounds played in League One so far, Portsmouth has 53 points and is ranked at number 6. In fact, they are only 4 points lower than the top team but still play less than 1 match. The ability to compete for the leading position is still very wide. But remember, the opponent Fleetwood is only 2 points behind them and there is no guarantee of a victory.

According to the opinion of football experts, in this confrontation, both clubs are in high form, predicting an attractive competition with many goals scored. Fleetwood has a home advantage, but Portsmouth is better in terms of confrontation. It is likely that the two teams will hold each other with a tie.