EFL: Fulham vs Swans

After a period of sublimation, Fulham has returned to the ground with less impressive results recently. That makes coach Scott Parker's army is showing a lack of breath compared to the two leading positions of West Brom and Leeds. Even if he does not return to high form in the near future, Fulham is in danger of being removed from the promotion Play-Off group.

As a rookie who has just fallen from the Premier League, Fulham of course has a great goal to be able to return to the most prestigious playground in the country of fog. With the ability to be highly appreciated, by this time the teachers and coach Scott Parker are doing quite well their duties. However, if Fulham wants to accomplish his goals, it is clear that Fulham needs more effort at the remaining decision stage. Because the latest draw on Derby County's pitch was the third in a row they didn't know the smell of victory. Despite being in the top 3 strongest teams with 57 points after 34 rounds, Fulham is only higher than the 7th team with a distance of 4 points. With that result, the army of Coach Scott Parker needs to really focus on each match as the pursuing teams are rising strongly. Of course, Fulham's distance with the second place team is only 5 points and there is still enough time for them to try. In the first match, Fulham also passed Swansea with a final score of 2-1, so the Craven Cottage team has a reason to be more confident in the next reunion.

Defeating Huddersfield 3-1 at home, Swansea continued to light his hopes to advance to the next season's promotion ticket. However, the away team's distance will be much more difficult than the home team as they currently only ranked 9th on the table and 5 points away from the Play-off team. Of course that is not too big distance and "Black Swan" still has the right to daydream. But before that goal, Swansea need to play more stable, because the last 5 matches, they to draw 3 matches, only win 1 game and lose 1. Not to mention the away record of teachers and students Coach Steve Cooper is extremely blurred when he only won 1/10 of the last match, the defense is playing loose when he has to go into the net to pick up the ball 7 times / 3 recent matches. With those somewhat unfavorable developments, having a point on Fulham's field will be a big surprise.

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