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EFL: Fulham vs The Terriers

Outstanding at excelling at a trip to the holy place of Hull City, Huddersfield temporarily earned a secure position on the rankings. However, the difficulty will be much greater for teachers and coach Danny Cowley, because in the next round they have to march to a stronger Fulham field in all aspects. Obviously, to get points on the field of a team competing for a promotion ticket like Fulham at this time is probably a task that the visitors can hardly complete.

Fulham have just received a 0-4 defeat at Man City in the FA Cup playground. However, this is a prediction failure before the representative of the Championship clashes too strong. Being eliminated from the FA Cup seems to be an advantage for the white shirt players as this helps them focus more on the important arena is the Championship. Because at the First Class Stadium, Fulham is having an impressive acceleration with 49 points and 4th place in the rankings. With impressive performance in the last time in the Championship with 3 victories, 1 draw and 1 defeat in the last 5 rounds, the fans of the capital football team have the right to think of a victory in the competition. Head here. Especially, Huddersfield is not a team that can stop the progress of teachers and coach Scott Parker, when the visitors are having weak performances in recent times.

Huddersfield had a disastrous start and had to stay last on the standings after most of the first leg. Things improved for a while after that and most recently, this team beat Hull by 2-1 away. With 3 points get them to climb to 19th place with 32 points and more importantly create a distance of 6 points compared to the group holding the red light. If you keep this form, fans can rest assured that a place for Huddersfield will be at the end of this season. However, it is difficult to get points on this trip, because the last 5 confrontations against Fulham, Huddersfield won only 1 and lost to 4.