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At home, Huddersfield host Queens Park Rangers in the 31st match of England - Championship first-class match.

Both are not performing really well this season, both clubs are looking for victories to improve their performance and position in the rankings. This match seems to be on the favor of away team QPR.

Highly regarded as the season began, but what Huddersfield showed was disappointing for their fans. 30 rounds have passed with 8 wins, 8 draws and 14 defeats, 32 points ranked 20th on the list. The more Huddersfield plays, the more he reveals deadly weaknesses and the more the performance tends to go down. The most evident evidence in the last 5 matches, they only had 1 win, 1 draw and suffered 3 losses. Huddersfield's 20th position on the standings is being intimidated by the bottom teams.

Queens Park Rangers are also a team with much expectations from the professionals when the tournament starts and like Huddersfield they are also greatly disappointing. Although not as bad as Huddersfield but not much better. 11 wins, 5 draws and 14 losses are all they can do after 30 rounds. Playing well and showing no signs of stability, two recent defeats have beaten Queens Park Rangers to 16th on the table.

A win now is crucial for both Huddersfield and Queens Park Rangers and it will give the team a good morale boost. Meeting in the next round 31, the two teams meet, with a fairly balanced relationship, both teams are very determined to win.

The scoring performance of the two teams in recent rounds is quite good, in the last 5 games, the homeowner Huddersfield has 7 goals, the Queens Park Rangers away team scored up to 10 goals. The faint handicap of this match is 2.5 left, with the above scoring performance, it is more reasonable to choose the talent for this match.