EFL: Hull vs Barnsley

After a surprise on Fulham's field, Barnsley continued to beat Middlesbrough to escape the bottom of the table. Obviously after a series of gloomy days, Barnsley fans saw the hope of relegation of the home team. In this round, with only facing a falling City with Hull, Barnsley has reason to hope for a miraculous sprint to succeed.

Despite a great effort, Hull City still had to accept Preston's defeat on the pitch, in the match where they even got the lead in the first half. So "Tigers" have not won 9 consecutive matches recently, in which they lost 7/9 matches. The home ground is no longer a reliable fulcrum, because they did not win but even lost 5/6 home matches last. At this time, the "Tigers" are temporarily ranked 17th on the ranking table with 41 points obtained after 34 rounds, more than 6 points away from the relegation group. So, even if only Barnsley is in the red light group, Hull City will not be appreciated for the ability to win. Remember, in the first leg, Hull City had to hold a hatred with the score 1-3, worth mentioning that it was a defeat that their opponent was in a very terrible crisis period. And for the time being,

At the moment, Barnsley is struggling in the relegation battle with only 31 points after 34 rounds and the safety group with a gap of 5 points. However, Struber's army has shown their efforts and progress during the recent sprint period. Specifically, Barnsley was suddenly awakened in February when shocked with a 3-0 victory at Fulham and 1-0 at Middlesbrough. Before that, they also shared a 1-1 score against Sheffield Wednesday. Therefore, before the hosts Hull went down without braking will be a good opportunity for Barnsley to earn relegation points. In the first leg of this season, they won the Tigers 3-1, so they have more motivation for this game. In addition, last season Barnsley drew 1-1 at Hull, the numbers are enough for Barnsley fans to have big expectations.

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