Defeating Bristol City in the round of last weekend, Leeds partly dispelled the tension with consecutive unimpressive results recently. Of course the Elland Road home team is holding quite a lot of advantages to be able to return to the Premier League playground this summer. However, the obsession with the downturn like last season is still there and this rich traditional team needs to revamp before things get off the rails.

The situation of Leeds is relatively similar to what happened last season, when they are always in the leading group all the way. But towards the end of the game, Leeds suddenly fell and was no longer himself, as a result, they only got the Play-Off ticket and failed afterwards. Currently, Leeds is ranked 2nd in the rankings with 59 points after 33 matches. Coach Marcelo Bielsa's army had just won at least 1-0 against Bristol in the previous round, but Leeds fans were still worried about their home team. Because of that, the Elland Road team won 2 but also received 2 defeats in the last 5 rounds. Not to mention the distance of only 3 points with the team behind, a defeat is enough for Leeds to pay extremely expensive prices. Therefore, meeting Reading in the next match is an opportunity for Leeds to assert their strength. Should remember. 

Reading has made a relatively large surprise by beating Sheffield Wed to 3 goals right on the opponent's field. However, it was a match that the visitors proved too lucky when the opponent only played with 10 people from the beginning of the second half. Realistically, Reading didn't have the best performance this season, because they only ranked 15th in the rankings with 42 points after 33 matches. In terms of form, Reading also did not have a good performance recently with only 3/10 appearances. Difficulties are compounded with Reading, because in the last 10 encounters of the two teams, Leeds are having 6 victories, the remaining are 2 draws and 2 losses for Reading.