EFL: Luton vs SCFC

Seemingly surrendering and accepting relegation death sentences, but the recent surprise sublimation has helped Luton Town unexpectedly revive hope to continue to play in the Championship playground next year.  In this round, with staying at the home to welcome the direct competitor Stoke City, Luton Town is facing a great opportunity to make a breakthrough.

Despite receiving a much stronger Brentford in terms of strength and style, Luton Town played an excellent match when beating the opponent with a 2-1 final score.  It can be said that Luton Town has played a lot more progress than themselves in the previous period.  The best evidence is that they won to 3/4 recent rounds and also have 3 times triumphal song after the last 5 times to welcome guests.  Thus, although still standing at the bottom of the rankings with 33 points after 35 rounds, but Luton Town is only 4 points from the safe area.  That means, if you continue to maintain the impressive performance as recently, the door to relegation with the Kenilworth Road team is still very bright.  In this round, Luton Town will face the challenge called Stoke City, the name they can not win in the last 5 confrontations.  However, in the context that the visitors are also declining, the ability for Luton Town to change history is very bright.

Before the start of this season, although not overestimated, no one expected Stoke City to struggle with the relegation battle as it is now.  The latest draw on the pitch of Blackburn is making the situation of Stoke City worse.  Because at this time with 38 points after 35 rounds and the 20th position in the rankings, Stoke City is facing a great danger when only 1 point more than the red light group.  With that gap, just a failure plus the rise of the group behind, the visitors will fall into a tragic situation never seen before.  Moreover, the performance of Stoke City was not really stable when winning 2 but also lost 2 in the last 5 rounds.  Not to mention, all 3 marches away from home recently, the visitors were unable to win and had to receive 2 defeats. 

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