EFL: Millwall vs Bristol City

Firmly holding a position in the leading group during the first leg of the season, but the recent series of defeats have caused Bristol City to lose everything when being removed from the Play-Off stone area.  .  With a spirit of serious deterioration, the next trip to Millwall's home continues to be a difficult challenge to overcome with Bristol City.
Completely overwhelming the opponent with the ball possession rate of 58%, launching up to 12 shots and missing a series of delicious opportunities, Millwall was held to a 0-0 draw by Birmingham on The Den home.  It was also the 2nd match in a row that did not win, when they had to receive defeat on the Wigan field before.  In general, this is the period that Millwall did not have stability, because they only won 2/10 of their last matches, they drew 4 and received 4 losses.  At this time, Millwall could not make a breakthrough to approach the top 6 teams, because after 35 matches they have got themselves 50 points and 10th place in the rankings.  However, with only 6 points behind the Play-Off group, it is clear that the opportunity for Millwall is still very bright when the season is still quite a lot of time for them to try.  Of course want to do that, the home games like the reception of Bristol City here, 3 points are the goals that they have to accomplish.

If Millwall is not in good shape, the situation of Bristol City is not much better.  That is because, in the last 5 rounds, they only won 1 and lost 4 matches, including 3 consecutive losses recently.  Of course it is hard to blame Bristol City when their opponents this time are very strong names like Leeds and West Brom.  But it is undeniable that the visitors have dropped a lot compared to them earlier in the season.  The clearest evidence is that Bristol City has dropped to 7th place with 53 points and inferior to the top 6 with 3 points difference.  That is not a big difference, but if they continue to play badly as they are now, not only will they run out of opportunities, they will continue to sink into crisis.

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