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The confrontation here between the two sides can be considered a heroic competition competing for the second position in the top of the rankings. Nottingham Forest is currently only 4 points behind Leeds United in the rankings. A win will help them into the top 3 and shorten the gap, even fiercely edge to the top page. 

Nevertheless, this heroic letter is attractive and heavy in meaning. But in fact the two sides are many differences. Leeds United will be very difficult for the trip away from home here with the absence of pillar K. Phillips. Besides, this team is in a bad shape with 4 defeats in the past 5 matches. The last defeat against Wigan Athletic made them stalled and lost much fierce race in the First Division this season. 

Meanwhile, Nottingham Forest also lost in the last round but previously played very well with a series of 4 unbeaten matches. They also have enough force for the home game here. In their mecca, Nottingham Forest are unbeaten in past 4 matches with 3 wins. 

In the last 3 matches, the two teams drew up to 2 times. But remember, the last time, Nottingham Forest beat Leeds United in the match with the score 4-2. And that is the basis for them to continue playing well at home here. A difficult victory is what this team will have in the next 90 minutes before the opponent is determined to play in the top competition now.