Although not so excellent, Nottingham is still somewhat showing its stability to participate in the promotion group at the end of the season. In the next round, the City Ground team will stay at the home to welcome QPR. Before the opponent is almost out of goal and also a familiar prey, it is likely that Nottingham will slaughter QPR to ensure its position.
Although the opponent took the lead up to 2 times, Nottingham still excelled in holding West Brom in the round last weekend with a 2-2 final score. It is clear that Nottingham has a good record when the game is quite good, temporarily ranked 5th on the table with 55 points after 33 rounds. Their results came from 15 wins, 10 draws and 8 losses. The gap between them and the top 2 is only 4 points and the opportunity for the City Ground team to advance is huge. Even so, Nottingham still need to improve stability, because the last 10 rounds they won 4 but also received 3 defeats. Of course, the reception of QPR here is a very good opportunity for Nottingham to continue to advance. Remember, they have been unbeaten in the last 4/5 home games and have 3 victories in them. Not to mention, 5 times against QPR in the past, Nottingham lost only 1 and won to 4.

Currently, QPR is having a difficult season temporarily temporarily ranked 16th in the rankings with 42 points obtained after 33 rounds. This result comes from 12 wins, 6 draws and 15 losses from the beginning of the season. At this point, the distance between them and the area holding the red light was 8 points and their motivation for motivation clearly decreased greatly. Before the trip to Nottingham, QPR had a 4-2 victory over Stoke City. However, the result was still unable to dispel the previous series of bowls. Because the last 6 rounds they only won 1, drew 1 and lost to 4, the numbers make the ability of the visitors on the next trip to be very small.