EFL: Pool vs Ipswich

After a period of partial competition, Ipswich Town was knocked out of the Play-Off group by regrettably.  In the context of the season going to an important sprint stage, Ipswich Town needs to regain its bravery to hope to participate in the Championship playground next year.  The next round, with only having to face a Blackpool with all the goals to strive for, it is clear that Ipswich Town needs to take advantage of this "1 no 2" opportunity to create momentum to break through.

Holding the AFC Wimbledon draw in the goalless match in the previous round, Blackpool continued to show that their motivation to strive seemed exhausted.  The reason is that after 31 matches, they got 38 points and 16 places in the rankings.  The fact that Blackpool has left the red light group but could not reach the top makes Blackpool's recent matches often taking place rather tedious.  Remember, the last 10 appearances in all competitions they won only once, the rest drew 2 and lost to 7. That poor performance has yet to show signs of stopping and most likely it will continue.  takes place in the next match here.  Because Blackpool's opponent this time will be a very thirsty Ipswich Town to look for promotion tickets.  Not to mention the Bloomfield Road home team did not win and even lost 3 in the last 5 meetings with Ipswich Town.

Contrary to his opponents, Ipswich Town is now very thirsty to be able to little shy of entering the rank-up Play-Off group.  However, their efforts are facing many challenges with consecutive unsatisfactory results.  Specifically, in the last 5 rounds, they only won 1 draw 1 and lost 3 matches.  It was the aforementioned series that caused them to be kicked out of the top 6 teams.  Specifically, after experiencing 33 matches, Ipswich Town has 52 points and 8th position on the rankings.  But with only 2 points behind the 6th position, it is clear that the door ahead is still very bright for Ipswich Town.  The problem now is that they need to regain stability as the first phase of the first leg and of course a push named Blackpool will be a reasonable answer at this time.

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