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EFL: Preston vs Swans

Defeating Barnsley with a strong score of 3-0, Preston continued to raise hopes of progressing to the most prestigious playground in the foggy country. But in the next round, facing a Swansea right behind will be a huge challenge for the ambition of the Deepdale team. However, objectively, this is also an opportunity for Preston to eliminate an opponent on his conquest.

Consecutively scoring 3 goals in the first round only, Preston easily passed through the gate named Barnsley to continue raising hopes of advancing to the most prestigious playground in the foggy country. Previously, the Deepdale team also overcame the tough challenge named Charlton with a final score of 2-1. With 2 consecutive victories, Preston rose to 7th place in the rankings with 46 points and only 1 point behind the promoted Play-Off group. Although knowing the way forward is not easy, but with these positive results, Preston fans can completely rest assured about the upcoming journey of the home team. In this round, it will not be easy for them to get 3 points when facing an extremely uncomfortable Swansea. However, with the draw 1 and 2 win in 3 recent reception of the "Black Swan", the opportunity for Preston to continue sublimation.

Although only having to march to the ground of a Stoke struggling in the relegation battle, Swansea had to leave empty-handed with a 0-2 defeat without a goal of honor. The result simultaneously pushed "Black Swan" out of the Play-Off group to rank up and fell to 8th place with 45 points. In general, the difference is only 2 points with the top 6, the opportunity is still very bright for Swansea. The problem now is that they need to maintain their stability, especially on trips away from home. Because all 4 times away from home, Swansea could not have triumphal track and even received up to 3 failures, the numbers were enough for the visitors fans to worry about the trip here.