Queens Park Rangers and Birmingham clash in the 36th Championship round. Neither team has been in good form this season, having only average results and being in the middle of the table. Clash with the team is not too disparate in terms of force, with the same performance both are very determined to have a victory to improve their position on the table.

Including the last 35 rounds in the Championship, both Queens Park Rangers and Birmingham have not been good results, but recent rounds both teams are showing visible progress. 

Host Queens Park Rangers the last 5 matches are having 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. Queens Park Rangers doesn't have too many goals this season, when the gap between them and the top is too far, nor are there too many worries about relegation when more than 11 points with the bottom group. Not too much worry, so their achievements are showing signs of prosperity, but not really good, but if they continue to maintain their current form, they can reach the top 10.

Birmingham are in a series of 12 unbeaten matches in all competitions, including 5 wins and 7 draws. Good form has pulled Birmingham far beyond the dangerous area when ranked at 14 with 46 points. The attack was not so good, but the Birmingham defense did very well, when there were consecutive brave matches against the opponents who were much stronger, but did not win too many victories. The draw was not a bad result for them.

Against a Queens Park Rangers with similar form and force, Birmingham are confident of getting a positive result on the away field. 

Certainly the defense of Birmingham in the last few rounds will be very difficult for Queens Park Rangers to penetrate and vice versa, the attack is not too sharp of Birmingham and it is difficult to make a story. A draw with less than 2 goals scored for 2 teams is easy to happen in this match.

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