EFL: Reading vs WAFC

Defeating Millwall in the round of last weekend, Wigan has relived hope of relegation with a relatively impressive series of achievements over the past time. Although not able to escape from the group holding the red light, but if they maintain their current form, the goal to stay in the Championship next season is very feasible. Wigan's determination will be challenged in the next round, when their opponent will face a dirty Reading in the past.

Immediately after the impressive victory at Sheffield Wed's field, Reading had to accept defeat against Leeds, before that they also lost when they took over West Brom. So, only in the last 7 rounds they have had to 4 defeats. But we also have to sympathize for Reading, because their schedule at this stage is extremely heavy. These disappointing results pushed Reading to the 16th position in the rankings with 42 points. Although there is still a safe distance with the group holding the red light, but the top 6 is far behind 14 points in the rankings is a really disappointing result. Welcoming the team struggling with the relegation battle of Wigan at home to Madejski in the next round 35, Reading will certainly have an easy game. However, going back to the past to see history fully supports Reading now. Specifically.

The counter-kick of defender Shaun Hutchinson on the Millwall side directly helped Wigan have a victory in the confrontation last weekend. At this time, teachers and coach Paul Cook are chopping down each score in the hope of getting out of the group holding the red light. Therefore, in the last 5 rounds, Wigan had 2 victories, 2 draws and 1 defeat. In front of an opponent who can say that there is not much motivation like Reading, the chances of the visitors' points are still there but not too high. Because remember, 15 times away from home, Wigan has only 2 times to enjoy the fun. With these developments, it is clear that the effort was not enough for Wigan to have a place to leave on the trip here.

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