EFL: Rovers vs SCFC

Over the past 1 month, Blackburn has returned to the race to own a promotion play-off capacity (top 6). If taking the landmark from triumph 5-0 before Sheffield Wed on January 18, Blackburn pocketed 14/21 maximum points in the last 7 rounds. 
Need to know that, the previous 5 rounds, they earned a mere 3 points from 3 draws with Wigan, Birmingham and Preston.

On the chart, Blackburn rose to 8th, less than the 6th position with Preston holding 3 points. In the round of 35 takes place tomorrow morning, teachers and students Tony Mowbray will welcome Stoke. If Blackburn were close to the top 6, then Stoke sentences in the 19th position, that is, on the group holding 3 red lights. Although more than 10 steps less than each other, but on the floor of the house listed only handicap spreads 0: 1/4.

This is clearly a very inadequate ratio with the home side. Normally, with the above position difference, plus the advantage of the pitch, Blackburn must start with a minimum handicap of 0: 3/4, even 0: 1. Say that to see, the next 90 minutes promises not to be easy with the team nicknamed "roses".

In fact, Blackburn is no better than Stoke, even inferior in some positions. Stoke's recent performance has improved a lot compared to previous times. Specifically, they only lost 2, the rest won 4 in the past 6 rounds. Last weekend, while Blackburn drew Brenford 2-2, Stoke defeated Cardiff City 2-0. 

In addition, Stoke is outperforming Blackburn in the confrontation record at Ewood Park. Specifically, they won 3, drew 2, lost 1 in the last 6 matches. The last time Blackburn accepted 0: 1/4, Stoke won 2-0. Should put faith in the guests.

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