EFL: Rovers vs Swans

Unfortunately, Stoke City, in the last round, Swansea missed the opportunity to shorten the gap with the promotion Play-Off group when the above opponents repeatedly fell horses. Obviously, the Ewood Park team still needs a lot of effort in the coming period to be able to hope to win tickets back to the English Premier League after many years of absence. The next round with the direct competitor Swansea, let's wait and see how Blackburn will solve this difficult problem.

Welcoming Stoke City at home, Blackburn had an overwhelmingly comprehensive game and even they controlled the ball to 65%, launched 16 shots but still could not once break through the opponent's net. Thus, in the last 2 rounds, they both let the opponent hold the draw, before that was a 2-2 draw on the pitch of Blackburn. In general this is a period when Blackburn played not so bad, but they still need to improve their sharpness. Specifically, the last 4 rounds they did not lose when they drew 2 and won 2. Further, the last 10 appearances, the Ewood Park team only lost 2 draws 4 and won 4 matches. The result helped them to get 8th place in the rankings with 52 points and 4 points behind the Play-Off group to rank up. Of course, with that distance, Blackburn's chances of rising are still very bright.

Raising great ambition to be able to return to the Premier League playground next season, however by this time the performance of Swansea is not too impressive. Specifically, after 35 rounds, they have given themselves 51 points and 9th place in the rankings when 1 point behind the Blackburn. That means, if there are all 3 points on the trip here, Swansea will surpass his opponent. Of course that is not an easy task, because Swansea's performance at this time is not really impressive. Specifically, in the last 5 rounds, they only won 1 draw 2 and lost 2, a little further, the 10 recent appearances "Black Swan" also only triumphal track exactly 3 times. In the first leg, although Swansea had an advantage at home, there was only 1 point away from the pitch, not to mention the 7 closest home away games they only knew to draw and lose. With these developments,

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