Round 32 League One saw the confrontation between Sunderland vs Bristol Rovers. This pair is considered by experts to be disproportionate. The reason is because the owner of the potential is very good, the team used to play in the Championship and Premier League. 

Meanwhile, the visitors in recent seasons have not achieved good rankings, only in the weak average top only. Currently, Sunderland is more than Bristol Rovers, up to 12 points. Entering this confrontation, it is not surprising that Sunderland is placed in the upper door. Along with that, history is also fully supporting Sunderland. In the 3 times the two teams faced each other before, Sunderland won all three. Even, this team only let Bristol Rovers hit the net once only. Most likely, the upcoming battle posture will favor the host.

This is Sunderland's second season playing in League One. Before that, they had time to play in higher leagues such as the Championship and the Premier League. The main thing that helps this team not to drown when compared to the teams in League One. After the last 31 rounds, Sunderland has 54 points and is temporarily ranked 5th in the rankings. They are still raising ambition to compete for the championship, looking for opportunities to return to the Championship playing field. If they win the next match, Sunderland will be able to reach the top, even taking the top spot in case the upper teams do not play well. Speaking of strength, Sunderland owns a uniform player. Most of their positions are playing well. In particular, the recognition of many goods thanks to the opportunity to take the opportunity, take advantage of opportunities. Not at all, The tight defensive system also helped Sunderland repeatedly keep clean sheets. In the last 10 appearances, this team brought 7 wins, 2 draws and only 1 defeat. That shows their performance is very high. The odds of winning 80% also indicate that this is a name that often brings joy to investors.

Although not a weak team in League One, Bristol Rovers still leaves insecurity with experts and fans. The reason is probably because they do not have a stable performance. Bristol Rovers can play very sublime in front of the big boys, but then suddenly falls before the opponent of moderate level, even weaker. Calculated in the last 10 appearances, they only have 1 victory, the rest are 3 draws and 6 defeats, the rate of winning is only 30%. Currently, Bristol Rovers has 42 points, temporarily ranked 13 on the chart. They are 3 points behind the team behind, and 1 point behind the team. The goal of Bristol Rovers next time is to get into the top 10, to do that, it seems they need a lot more effort. One of the first things to watch out for is defense. Their defenders have not worked well together yet, many unfortunate situations are difficult to understand, leading to unnecessary goals. 31 rounds passed, Bristol Rovers scored 35 goals but received 42 goals.