EFL: Wigan vs Millwall

Wigan confront Millwall in the round of 34 Championship. Wigan host after a long time immersed here the rankings have temporarily risen to a safe position, with the capital is seeing visible changes. At home here in the next round against the visiting Millwall team, Wigan is very determined to get a victory.

Wigan host is located in a very dangerous position on the table, after 33 rounds with 31 points, they are ranked 22 on the table, only 1 point away from the team in the relegation group. In recent rounds, Wigan has had a good breakthrough when escaping the group of the last two teams, but if they want to be truly safe and reliably relegated, Wigan's journey is still quite arduous. The last 5 matches Wigan have 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses. If you look at the current performance of the last 5 rounds of Wigan is clearly only average, but compared to their own performance, the rounds have passed, it is a huge improvement, averaging 30 rounds. Before every 10 Wigan matches get 2 wins, but currently there are only 5 matches they have won that number. 

Millwall ranked 8 times higher than the host, in the 10th place with 49 points after 33 matches. Millwall has started the season with very good results, they are constantly in the top of the rankings, but from the second half of the season pointing to here Millwall is gradually falling down to the top, the achievement is not too much but not much. keep the match successful early in the season. The last 5 matches Millwall have only 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses. 

The confrontation between Wigan and Millwall is quite balanced when each team has 1 victory and draw the remaining 3 matches. The current performance and confrontational performance are quite balanced of the two teams, promising a fairly balanced match. But Wigan hosts with a home advantage and a very determined determination to escape the dangerous group are more advantageous, with the match in this match making Wigan homeowners somewhat safer and higher win rates. 

Wigan and Millwall's scoring record is quite bad in recent rounds so even though the faint handicap is only 2.5 left, the player should also choose faint to place the door.

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