EL: Rangers vs S.C.B

At home, the current Scottish runner-up Rangers, who is maintaining stability in the country, will welcome Portuguese challenger Braga who is also excited at the first leg of the round of 16. Will Braga maintain the excitement in the away field with a 6th consecutive victory to take advantage of the rematch on the Iberian Peninsula. But Rangers is also very formidable at his home ready to do rival.

Rangers is the second most successful club in world football in terms of trophies won, only behind Egyptian club - Al Ahly with 54 national champions and 33 times National Cup and 27 times League Cup. same time eating 3 domestic to 7 times. Rangers won the C2 Cup in 1972 and 1961 with the 2008 semi-final, which was the pinnacle of their European trophy. And this season, they excelled in the Europa League with second place in Group G, after another Portuguese representative, Porto, coach and coach Steven Gerrard got 9 points and surpassed Switzerland's Young Boys with only 1 point more. . They are quite confident at home with the last 15 consecutive games, unbeaten, winning 13 matches, they are also in second place in the Scottish league.

At home, Braga won the national cup championships in 1965 and 2015 with the League Cup in 2012 and last year. In the 2000s, the club gradually became one of Portugal's most-awarded clubs after the Big Three and competed with some success in competitions in Europe, winning the Cup. The last UEFA Intertoto (Portugal's only club to do this) in 2008 and reached the 2011 UEFA Europa League final. After finishing 2nd in Primeira Liga 2009, Braga has reached Taking a place in the group stage of the UEFA Champions League for the first time in history by eliminating Celtic and Sevilla, Braga also qualified for the 2012/201213 Champions League group stage by eliminating Udinese. Braga is currently winning 5 matches away from home recently, the achievement far from home is commendable,