Two recent failures are pushing Bournemouth into a difficult round with the team holding the red light close behind. The next round of challenges continues to come to the Vitality team when they have to welcome the big Chelsea man. However, in the context that The Blue was seriously hurt with the defeat in the Champions League playground. The ability of Bournemouth to reproduce the script in the first match is not small.

Heading to Burnley's sanctuary with so much worry and no surprise when coach Eddie Howe's army had to leave with a heavy defeat 0-3. Previously Bournemouth also left the pitch of Sheffield Utd with the final score 1-2. Obviously, this is the period in which Bournemouth did not have a stable style of play when only won 3 and lost to 7 in the last 10 appearances. Thus, after 27 rounds of Bournemouth only earned 26 points and is temporarily ranked 16th in the rankings, only two more than the relegation group with a gap of 2 points. The numbers are making Vitality fans worried, especially when their next opponent will be a mighty Chelsea. But need to know that, the last 2 times, Bournemouth both triumphal songs. Not to mention in the first match, they also defeated their opponents away from home and that is also the 2nd consecutive victory of Bournemouth against Chelsea. Calculation Bournemouth also overwhelmed Chelsea with 3 wins and 2 losses in the last 5 confrontations, the number is enough for the host to be confident in the next rematch.

Chelsea will enter the upcoming match with a heavy mentality after the catastrophic defeat of 0-3 at Stamford Bridge against Bayern Munich in the European playground. The result seems to have put an end to The Blue's ambition in the Champions League playground this season. It is clear that the instability and immaturity of the young army under Frank Lampard are undeniable. Because just before that, they beat Tottenham and before that, it was a defeat when receiving Man Utd. At the moment they are still in the top 4 strongest teams, but the distance from the 5th place team is only 3 points now. Difficulties will continue to come to Chelsea in the next match, because 4 times away from home they only only once triumphal track.

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