Crystal Palace is going through a really hard time, even since the new year "Eagle" does not even know what the taste of victory is. Therefore, just welcoming Newcastle tombs is relatively cheating will be a push for Crystal Palace to regain trust from the fans.

Benteke's only goal was not enough to help Crystal Palace avoid a 1-3 defeat in the march to Everton's sanctuary, obviously the Selhurst Park team was at a very difficult stage. Specifically, the last 3 rounds they all have to fail. A little further, Coach Roy Hodgson's army did not know the smell of victory in the last 7 games when they lost 4 and drew 3. The last victory that Crystal Palace had was against West Ham on Boxing Day, which That means that for almost 2 months they have not enjoyed it once. In the FA Cup playground, they were also shamelessly eliminated before Derby, the representative was playing only in the First Class playground. If only at home, the situation is a bit better, because Crystal Palace has 2 wins 2 draws and 2 losses in the last 6 matches.

Despite trying hard, Newcastle still had to accept a bitter defeat of 4 goals not to remove before the Arsenal players. With this defeat, Newcastle are currently ranked at 13th place, immediately above Crystal Palace with 31 points after 26 rounds. The last time this team won 3 absolute points was 3 rounds earlier and this team is definitely aiming for an absolute victory in the coming visitors. However, that is not easy, because remember the 5 rounds to be the nearest guest they do not win. If counting all the fronts, the last 7 times away from home, "Warnings" have also been won.